History of Spennymoor Church

Spennymoor society was mentioned in minutes from the Northern County’s meeting dated 14th of March 1907, this is the earliest record found of a spiritualist church/society that has been found to date in Spennymoor.

The district council minutes from a meeting show that Spennymoor church was excluded from membership to the SNU for non-payment of subscription in 1912, the church later were reinstated after arrears were paid in 1913 to what was then the Northern Counties of Spiritualists’ & Spiritual Societies.

The church later applied to join the spiritualist national union in 1922 and this was later endorsed on 11th October 1922 when the district council recommended the application. The church started off with a group of people who used to meet in the upstairs of a shop in a room, the only names that can be found linking with this is Mr & Mrs Blakey and Mrs Walton.

In 1953 an ex-army warden Nissan hut was purchased and erected in Stratton Street on a piece of land owned by the local butcher on a weekly rent. By 1974 the hopes for the church had gradually deteriorated as the roof begun to leak and the floor had holes in it. The congregation was mainly a handful of women who sat where possible with wooden chairs and church pews with little finance gained from Sunday services

Over the following few years the building was refurbished inside and out with new improved lighting and heating, the church then opened a Tuesday healing service, after this the church then held a silver jubilee service in 1978 by Mr Gordon Palmer MSNU.

The old church referred to by a lot of people as “the hut” or “the green hut” was in an area where the council had plans to develop but because the church at the time didn’t fit with their plans the council suggested the piece of land where the church is now situated which is believed to of cost £1000.

The church members all worked together to raise funds to go towards the new building, people such as Doreen Benson, Michael Bostock CSNU who was church president for 37 years had made a massive effort into building the church in its current location and worked hard to bring spiritualism into Spennymoor along with members of public and church members.The new church in its current location was officially open on the 12th of March 1988 and was dedicated by Mr Charles Coulston BA.