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11 thoughts on “Guestbook & Contributions

  1. Jackie Brown says:

    Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.
    Coming together is a beginning;
    keeping together is progress;
    working together is success.

    Repeat everyday.. with a big smile xx

  2. Beverley Thomas says:

    I just wanted to say that I attended the workshop recently on 8 March taken by Jackie Brown. Part of the workshop identified your Aura’s and how you can expand or retract them when needed. I found through this that I was open and allowing my energy to be depleted. Through the advice from Jackie and Cathy Slater, I was able and have been carrying out the advice and now have protected myself from negative energies that I came into contact with and unknown this was happening.

    Without the workshop I wouldn’t have been able to identify this happening, so I thank Spennymoor Church for providing the workshop. I look forward to the next workshop and what we are going to learn. Love and Light to you all xx

  3. Jackie Brown says:

    I choose to live by CHOICE and not by chance
    To make CHANGES and not excuses
    I am MOTIVATED and not manipulated
    I am USEFUL and not used.
    My choice is to EXCEL and not compete
    I am choosing SELF BELIEF and not self pity
    I choose to listen to my INNER VOICE and not the random opinion of others.

    Our lives are a result of the decisions and choices me make.. Even not making a decision or choice .. is in fact making one.

    If you don’t like your life It is time to make better choices and decisions.

    Some times the very words we don’t WANT to hear are the words we NEED.

    As Audrey Hepburn said:
    Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “I’m possible!”

  4. Jackie Brown says:

    How wonderful that the places on the workshop were taken so quickly. It’s tremendous to see such enthusiasm and support. I am sure we will all have an amazing and enlightening day. Each workshop is different as everyone brings their own enthusiasm and energy to the day.

  5. Great website, very informative and does the job cleanly and precisely in a nice flowing method. Colour scheme works brilliantly and all features are flawless. Hats off to the designer of this website and all associated affiliates and referenced providers.


  6. Irene Farrell says:

    Hi everyone at Spennymoor SNU church, it is a pleasure to walk into your church and feel the wonderful energies and love that surround you. The committee who have worked so hard to keep this little church going deserve a big “THANK YOU” for all they’ve done. Look forward to the workshop on the 8th March. May you go from strength to strength, love and light always x

  7. Beverley Thomas says:

    Thanks for looking after the website Phil, nice to read some of the history of Spennymoor Church. Really love coming to Spennymoor SNU Church it’s like stepping into another home with the love and friends you meet xx

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